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Over 20,000 years ago European Ice Age, man carved these precious art monuments honoring the sea mammals they hunted to survive the Ice Age journey a land 200 miles inland from the ocean Ice Age man crossed. Are these 100 - 400 Ton Art Sculptures carved Years Ago or are they Gods sculptures of natures creatures from his Garden of Eden? Come to The James River in Richmond Virginia and You decide. (READ CBS 6 Documentary by Mark Holmberg, WTVR Reporter) 

River City Monsters is
A Lost Civilization in Richmond Virginia. (See Video) Over 20,000 Years Ago European Ice Age Man Carved these Precious Art Monuments Honoring The Sea Mammals they hunted to survive the Ice Age Journey to A land 200 miles Inland from the Ocean they crossed.

Be a part of a Lost Civilization and the Beautiful Art Sculptors some over 100 Tons never seen by Man, never displayed to the Public in any Museum. We invite you to browse through the photographed prints of River City Monsters. These Sea Mammal prints are Autographed by the Explorer who Discovered them and are now for sale.

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Sea Turtle PrintsWalrus PrintsWhale Prints

Sea Turtle 8x10-24x30 Prints
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Walrus 8x10-24x30 print
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Whale 8x10-24x30 print
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Hawk Print
Hawk Print

Hawk 8x10-24x30
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What brought you to this City, Richmond Virginia, North America's oldest city? - Richmond Virginia, where man first came to survive The Ice Age. At a Time of Peace these Ice Age Survivors Carved Stone Art to honor the sea life that allowed them to survive the voyage across the Atlantic. Thousands made the voyage across the frozen coast of The Atlantic as the winters provided a 30 foot thick ice shoreline. Hundreds died trying to survive this voyage while hundreds more succeeded hunting whale, walrus, Harp seal and netted the sword fish too. Moving to fresh water rivers, creeks, lakes, springs, these early Ice Age European Man found a land full of wildlife to survive. And easily survive they did in this River City. If you live in Richmond it is because you have been drawn here by Souls of those who have enjoyed its past. You have a positive destiny if you choose to find it and all will find it one day. Just believe in who you are and remember your positive destiny could begin in Richmond Virginia, on the River where Ice Age Men survived and left beautifully carved sculptures of Sea Mammals - the positives in their lives over 20,000 years ago. Maybe these Sea Mammals, Maybe this River and Maybe this River City will be the positives in your life too.

John Gabriel's Lost Civilization is in Richmond, Virginia.  

Where We Shall Gather on the River and Wait for You.