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When you fly to Richmond, in the city, go to 5th Street (it’s One Way) until it dead ends into the James River; take a right turn on Tregar St and park under the Route 301 Bridge. Walk along the river toward the 301 Bridge and You will see a cement walking bridge under it that you can bike over or walk over, dogs are permitted too. Walk across the Bridge to the Island then Walk up the river until you see the lake or Quarry (on your left side) with high cliffs near by. Then you will see a climbing wall as in this picture on the right. Notice the 2 ton arrow point to the left and to the left of that Edith Katerine’s Pegasus. Yes you can see it too.

When you decide to fly into Richmond Virginia to see America’s 1st Lost Civilization schedule your Airlines flight through our website. Your discounts will enable you to save and  RiverCitySeaMonsters will be able to begin preserving the many Ice Age Art Sculptures along The James River in Richmond. Choose your Hotels through our RiverCitySeaMonsters too, good discounts and knowing that RiverCitySeaMonsters will continue to preserve these 20,000 year old European Ice Age Sculptures for another 20,000 years.

(Visit the Art Sculpture of a Flying Horse Pegasus).  If you believe that Pegasus was a Myth told by the Greeks you might be mistaken.  On Bells Isle in Richmond Virginia this video may prove that this Artist who carved this Pegasus in this cliff  possibly 20,000 years before the Greeks were born carved it for us to see what this artist saw and what this artist knew about Pegasus. To this Artist Pegasus was a flying horse and was no Myth.  What do you see? Come to Richmond Virginia and see Edith Katherine’s Pegasus;  She is worth coming to see If you love Horses.  You will love America’s only Art Carving of this size of a Flying Horse Pegasus.


Copy this picture of the Edith Katherine’s Flying Horse Pegasus and the picture with the entire climbing wall so you can best be able to see this Art Sculpture. This picture was taken on a rainy cloudy day and that is the best time to view this Pegasus. You can also see her very clearly early in the morning 6 am until 9 am until around noon time, then the higher and brighter the sun, the less visible she becomes. So see her in the morning as the sun is rising or in the evening as the Sun is setting. Then walk across the bridge on Bells Isle and see one of the most beautiful Sunsets over the River that was also looked upon by Ice Age Europeans many years ago. Have a wonderful time and come back each year to explore the James River with John Gabriel, He’ll be waiting for you to make a wonderful discovery too.  



Click on this Video to look at the Odds of Nature carving these rocks into Sea Mammal Shapes.  Click on this Video if you are a skeptic of the shapes of these rocks; or if you think that nature carved these sculptures and are not Ice Age Europeans 20-25,000 years ago; or if you believe that these sculptures are not of Human Origin as one Virginia Commonwealth University’s Anthropolgist wrote; without even taking the time to get off his fat butt and travel 3 miles from his office in Richmond to evaluate John Gabriel’s discoveries. Sad that this Anthropologist could not take the time as how often does a person walk into their VCU Campus offices and say, Hello, I discovered a Lost Civilization of 100 & 200 Ton Stone Sculptures from Ice Age Man 20-25,000 years ago on the James River just 3 miles from your office?   Funny isn’t it? Click on this Video if you were the female Psychologist who said these sculptures were what you make people see, not what they are; and said she too can do that with her patients?  95% of the families who see these Art Sculptures are appreciative and amazed.  A small 5% or less don’t have the time and quickly give a childish response as if they were jealous that they themselves had not made the discovery. After 48 years of exploring and studying, John Gabriel appreciates all those 400 + who have evaluated his discoveries and has learned that these same people who do not want to see what they truly are also may give 3 ½ minutes of their attention to a subject they have never taken the time to study.  This is your Art and your Art History America. How lucky are those people who live in Richmond Virginia and are able to walk on the rocks in the same river  that Ice Age Man survived. It is truly a blessing we should preserve for our children and their children; these beautiful Art Sculptures of European Ice Age Man.


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Be the First Families to see a Lost Civilization of Carved Stone Artifcats. See Art through the eyes of John  Gabriel Oliverio. Join The Explorer who discovered North America's First Lost Civilization.  Take a Tour that makes you a part of this History Making Discovery. . It will be  a Journey that may go back as far as 20-25,000 years ago.  See Art that No Man has ever seen. Never Made Public, Never in a Museum. 100 Ton Stone Carved Art Artifacts. Be the First Family and know that You will be going on an Art Tour of a Lost Civilization. 

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